Sori Brewing Company

We believe in making a change by an example. We dare to do things not done before – and we are here to introduce them to the public. Join us, since we see craft beer not only as a great drink, but as an experience.

Sori logo (light background, transparent)

We are brewers who are willing to move away from their home country to make great craft beer. Not far, but far enough to make it count. Sori is Belgo-American craft beer brewed by Finnish young men in Estonia. We are loud, we are fresh and we are here to brew great craft beer. This is serious beer, for not so serious people.

Read more about the guys and the philosophy behind us, or take a look of our range of beers. Sori Brewing has raised over 450 000 EUR start-up capital through an equity based crowdfunding.

We also have an active blog where we share our news and thoughts!